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Webinar: Storing Data in Office 365

11am Tuesday 28th July. Learn how to effectively set up your data architecture in Office 365, across the different tools available.

sq 365 data webinar

Structure and collaboration

Businesses today have a vast array of data. The trick is in storing and sharing it in a way that supports collaboration, access, and intelligence. 

What to expect

How can Office 365 help you ensure your data is in the right place, at the right time, accessible to the right people?

We'll cover:

- The different tools in Office 365 for storing and sharing data - SharePoint, OneNote, Teams, Wiki, OneDrive...

- Integrating the tools effectively so that the same data is available wherever it is needed

- Setting up a central SharePoint for data sharing and communication - making an intranet with SharePoint

- Partitioning and managing access to data for security and clarity

And more...

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